What We Do


We forge connections to support responsible technology developments that treat people and their data with respect.

We build alliances across disciplines to establish San Diego as a model for respectful technology development and business practices that strike the right balance between people, their technology and the technology-enabled services they use.


We advance innovative ideas in technology that have transformative potential.

Technology can uplift and open doors to opportunities. We team with individuals and organizations that share our values to champion technology-driven solutions that are a force for good.


We partner to empower the doers, the makers and the innovators who are underrepresented among technology entrepreneurs.

Creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit run deep at Wrethinking, the Foundation. And we know amazing things happen when everyone has a voice in the technology creation ecosystem. That’s why we are committed to fostering partnerships that support underrepresented innovators who develop technologies that empower people to reach their full potential.


We are wrethinking technology deployment to connect more people with the tools and services they need.

Ensuring technology-enabled services and solutions make it into the hands of those who need them most is critical. We address the barriers that limit the inclusive distribution of technology, so it is deployed in ways that benefit individuals regardless of gender, age, race, income, geographic location, etc.