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Me2B Alliance

The Me2B Alliance is a new kind of standards development organization that is defining guidelines for respectful behavior of technology. Clearly the connected technologies we use everyday are no longer just tools, but fully interactive relationships, Me2BA is measuring and scoring the behavior of websites and mobile apps.

Simplifying Digital Health for Everyone.

Indie Health devices make digital health easy for everyone — from patients and healthcare providers to technologists developing platform solutions. Indie Health eliminates technology barriers with its patented AutoPair feature that pairs multiple medical devices, such as a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, thermometer, weight scale, etc., and syncs them natively to leading digital health platforms.
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CLiCs is Where Artistry and Technology Meet.

Driven by her own business needs, salon owner Leilania Macedo imagined an innovative, computer-controlled vending platform that eliminates waste and simplifies inventory management while providing a consistent experience to clients, even if they change salons.

Innovation Designed Here.

The Design Forward Alliance promotes human-centered design as a tool to help advance San Diego as a premier city for business, education, and enjoyment. The DFA is submitting a bid to the World Design Organization for the San Diego-Tijuana region to be designated as World Design Capital for the year 2024 in March 2021, which will showcase how design—whether practiced by professionals or the creative spirit of everyday citizens—can energize a region and change the world!

Engineering Technology to examine possible links between
loneliness, hearing loss, isolation, and dementia.

This UCSD-HDSI research project is dedicated to providing a platform of research tools so research and development communities’ can better understand and improve human interaction for healthcare applications. The multi-disciplinary team has made great progress in implementing the first targeted solution using the platform to improve the experiences for the hearing impaired.